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Marines and everyone in the army gain the respect of the countrymen they serve. They are not only commended because of their bravery, but they had to sacrifice their whole life for the people they serve.

Take this Marine for example, who just came home from Norway after finishing her training mission. She left not only her whole family way back home, but her pup as well, too.

Boy, did her pup missed her a lot.

In this viral video that was on the Golden Retriever’s own YouTube account (yes, she has her own channel so that means a lot more adorable dog videos for her fans!), a video of Oshie The Dog and her owner who just came back from the marine showed how much they missed each other.

But as we can see in this video, it’s evident that Oshie missed her owner a bit more than what we hope for a pet.

Then again, Oshie isn’t only a pet, and her owner isn’t just an average person who went away for a couple of weeks. Since her owner was on the Marines for a training mission, she could have gone for months or even a year!

The dad of Oshie’s owner knew how much she missed her. That’s the primary reason why this video came in the film.

You can hear the dad who was behind the camera saying, “Whose home?” as Oshie’s owner was about to enter the room. Thanks to her dad who recorded this priceless moment, it will never consign to oblivion.

Heartwarming memories like these are just so happy to see. Oshie and her owner showed the same kind of love a kid has for her parents when they come home after being away for such a long time.

Now, who says that pets aren’t family, too?

Video Source: Oshie’s World via YouTube


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