Some people have no plans to adopt dogs with peculiar qualities or traits. This is a sad thing, as dogs, no matter what they look, need a loving family. Thankfully, some kind-hearted individuals are more than willing to make unusual dogs a part of their families.

Toad was about six years old when she found her way to a shelter where a compassionate woman named Heather Fernandez worked. The staff of the shelter was quite shocked by her appearance; she had two mouths – the other one was where the ear should be. Other than this feature, Toad was also aggressive.

But her life made a total turn when the kind woman decided to adopt her.

An inspiration to help other dogs

Toad’s appearance might be putting people off, but Heather loved her with all of her heart. She was even the reason the woman started a rescue organization called Mutt Misfits.

The said organization dedicated itself to helping dogs with deformity, sickness, and special needs, as these animals are at risk for euthanasia. Since 2017, the Mutt Misfits had saved about 200 pooches.

While Toad’s second mouth might scare people away, people of Mutt Misfits loved her even more for it.

About Toad’s deformity

Toad’s second mouth did not have a jaw, so it couldn’t be used. However, it might produce some drool, especially after Toad ate a meal with her first mouth. Her second mouth was also cleaned often by the vet.

Many theories were surrounding Toad’s deformity. But many believed that she happened to absorb a twin while in the womb.

Her X-rays showed that her skull was oddly shaped. Despite her condition, Toad remained healthy and happy. Though, her owner admitted that she would not live as long as a healthy dog. This was why her owner made sure that she would always feel loved.

Video Source: KOCO 5 via YouTube


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