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Our canine companions play a variety of roles in our lives. They could be a service animal or a cuddly goofball for us to hug at home. Numerous dogs are trained to assist people in tasks such as herding sheep or hunting, and some doggos are made to assist seafaring humans.

However, given our pups’ abilities, we really can’t say what their genuine limits are. Doggos are now capable of feats that were previously deemed unthinkable or impossible, and this Golden Retriever demonstrated that they can also hunt in the water.

We don’t know much about this dog at the moment, but we’re convinced that her video will go viral and the world will soon learn her name. The clip began with the dog standing still in the water, as if she had fallen asleep due to her complete immobility.

However, this pooch was attempting to read the movements of the fish that had captured her attention. Additionally, her motions scared away the fish, so she must remain still. This young pooch is quite skilled, and this video demonstrates that this is not her first time doing this. It’s incredible how disciplined this dog is, considering how difficult it is to get our own pups to sit still.

As a hawk would do, this dog waited for the ideal moment to attack. The dog was well aware that she needed to act quickly if an opportunity presented itself, and when it did, she chomped down on the fish in front of her. The fish she caught was not particularly large, but that was beside the point.

What matters here is that she definitely has the ability to fish, and it is something that not many dogs possess. When we consider that she is catching them alone with her mouth, we realize that a small fish is actually more difficult to catch.

She returned to her owner up the wooden ladder after capturing her prey to offer her catch to her humans. Excellent work, young one!

Source: RM Videos

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