A woman was charged and arrested for making her dog starve to the extent that the pooch almost lost his life.

32-year-old Brianna Curry-Neal was sentenced one year of probation after she was found guilty of first-degree animal neglect.

Last year Brianna brought her dog named Ziggy to the Oregon Humane Society. The pooch was wrapped up in a blanket, and Brianna was looking to get emergency help for the dog.

Medical personnel at the shelter checked the pooch and found him to be fragile, skinny, and lethargic. The condition of Ziggy was classified as extremely critical. The dog only weighed 21 pounds and was near his death.

The x-rays of the pooch showed that because of starvation, the dog’s body had consumed up all the body-fat and also so much muscle that even his heart was reduced to one-third of its normal size. The dog could not properly move any part of his body except his eyes.

Ziggy received intensive care at the Oregon Humane Society for more than thirty days and is now healthy, happy, and thriving. The dog has also been adopted into his new home.

The investigations department of the Oregon Humane Society found out that Brianna had owned Ziggy throughout her life. Brianna had told investigators conflicting accounts of how she provided care to Ziggy. Brianna said that once when Ziggy stopped eating, she gave him activated charcoal on the recommendation of a friend. Later Brianna said that she always provided Ziggy abundant food.

Brianna will now have to perform community service for a minimum of 45 hours, and she is not allowed to keep a domestic animal for five years. Brianna also has to provide restitution to the Oregon Humane Society because they do not offer emergency veterinary services.

Ziggy is now enjoying a lot of love and care at his new home.

Image source: County District Attorney’s Office via KPTV

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