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When a man from Korea opened his door and discovered a strange canine sitting outside his house, he was taken aback. She did not appear to be a stray. She was tidy and appeared to be in good health. She even appeared to have been groomed recently.

This man has never been a dog person. He was uninterested in caring for them and had never had one before. As a result, when he noticed this dog outside his door, he instructed it to leave. But it strolled directly into his home.

The man’s wife felt pity for the dog and fed it. The man had no choice but to observe the unusual pup in his house. Surprisingly, despite his dislike for dogs, this one made him like it.

The dog began following him around and was constantly attempting to snuggle with him. She would kiss him, but he would withdraw. However, after a few days, he caved in gradually. He occasionally found himself petting the fur of this uninvited visitor.

The pair realized the dog’s belly was enlarged. She was also lactating. When they took her to the veterinarian, the doctor determined that she had most likely given birth three weeks prior. While they were there, they had her scanned for a microchip, which they discovered was not present.

They wanted to assist the dog in returning to her own home because her puppies needed her. As a result, the nice Korean couple made every effort to locate them.

They began by visiting local veterinarian clinics. Perhaps they would identify her or have some of her documents. However, no one did.

They then distributed posters across their neighborhood in the hope that someone would recognize her.

They also took a more direct approach while waiting for any clue or information. They began by walking around their neighborhood, approaching houses and asking residents if they recognized the dog. Regrettably, no one knew it.

The couple chose to foster the puppy, which they have since called Boksil. She will remain with them until it is reunited with its owners. And if no one arrives, she will be part of their family. The man has already fallen in love with the dog, and the two spend a lot of time snuggling together on the couch so adopting it would not be a problem.

Source: SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐

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