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Military canines’ bravery and selflessness in defending our country are absolutely remarkable, earning them the title of hero. They do numerous dangerous and difficult tasks alongside their soldier handlers in order to keep our country secure from imminent hazards and other harmful scenarios. Rather than live a normal life at home, these dogs willingly gave up their chance at a normal existence for the sake of our country’s security. However, the most devastating aspect of a military dog’s career is not during their deadly missions, but rather after their service ends.

If their handlers are unable to adopt them, or if no one wants to adopt them after their career, these courageous dogs are put down. As heartbreaking as it may really be, this is frequently the end they face after years of service protecting the country. However, one guy has dedicated his life to reversing this and providing heroic canines with the retirement they truly deserve.

Mike Ritland, a former Navy SEAL, founded the Warrior Dog Foundation as a sanctuary for retiring military canines. The primary and main objective of this group is to provide a permanent home and a regular life for military dogs that have spent years in everyday upheaval. Ritman feels that these heroes should not be put to death and that they deserve to have amazing lives away from the battlefield. His nonprofit group assists retired canines from Military Working Dogs (MWD), Contract Working Dogs (CWD) for mental and physical rehabilitation, and Law Enforcement K9s.

Their retirement may be due to a variety of factors such as age, physical and mental injury, or handler retirement, but rather than euthanizing the dogs at the conclusion of their careers, Ritman’s organization rescues them and strives to provide them with a new and more tranquil life.

Today, an increasing number of retired canines are not only being saved, but also enjoying a beautiful life away from the battlefield. Finally, after years of assisting in the protection of the country from tremendous perils, they can live as normal dogs, requiring nothing more than treats and belly rubs.

Source: Inside Edition

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