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Dogs have a variety of methods for obtaining what they desire, but one of the most effective is using their charm.

Gretchen, a German Shepherd, demonstrated this point vividly when she was pleading with her mother to give her the lovely food that had grabbed her eye: leftover cake icing on the table.

As with any dog, this wonderful creature has a plethora of strategies for convincing her folks to give her what she desires – and moaning was one of the first tactics she attempted.

Dogs adore this method because it consistently produces positive (and speedy) results. However, it appears that Gretchen did not have a lucky day that day, since her whining strategy was not as effective as she had hoped. Her mother continued to deny her access to the delectable food on the table.

However, Gretchen is not the type of dog to give up easily. After her initial attempt failed, she instantly unloaded her secret weapon that would undoubtedly complete the job: her charm.

Gretchen placed her head lightly on her mother’s lap and flashed her endearing face and beseeching eyes. While some dog owners may have fallen for this ploy, it appeared as though her mother had already figured out how to avoid it.

Perhaps Gretchen’s mother was testing her to see how many different techniques she would employ to be able to get her prized icing. Or perhaps she is demonstrating her ability to see through her dog’s deceiving abilities, demonstrating that she is surely always one step ahead of her endearing if slightly dishonest canine. This demonstrates that Gretchen still has a lot to learn about dealing with her parents, particularly her mother.

If there is one lesson she has taken away from this circumstance, it is that two tricks are insufficient to complete her purpose.

Source: SuperHegs

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