Nothing could compare to the love a dog can give.

Macayla Gardner from Lexington, Kentucky had an awful accident. A horse kicked her, and she fell unconscious. That accident caused her to have untimely seizures. Her episodes did not have warning signs like getting hot, sweating, or feeling dizzy. She would just suddenly drop.

Macayla’s doctor knew she had dogs. She asked if one of the dogs acted weirdly before her seizures. Macayla confirmed that her German Shepherd, Ryder, acted crazy.

The doctor suggested that Macayla should train Ryder to be a service dog. At that time, Ryder was only a puppy.

Macayla trained dogs, but she was uncertain because she never trained a service dog before. She admitted that the task of training seizure alert dogs could be difficult.

Still, Macayla gave it a try. Ryder was so intelligent that it was not hard to teach him.

Dogs could smell the hormonal imbalance in a person’s body. Ryder could always tell when Macayla was about to have a seizure, and he would go crazy. That’s how he would warn her.

Macayla worked on turning his crazy reaction into an actual alert. When he gave the signal, Macayla would know that she need her medications so that her systems would continue to function. She also trained Ryder to get her medicines.

Ryder did not always have to be on the job. He got to have time to be a dog, too. Macayla played with him and enjoyed his company.

Ryder saved Macayla’s life many times. He would get her to a safe place during her seizure episodes and not leave her until she got better. Ryder comforted her when she had to go to the emergency room.

Macayla was so grateful that she had Ryder, who continually watched over her. She didn’t need to be anxious about getting hurt. Her days could have a routine.

She was more confident to live her life and make plans for the future. It was all because of Ryder’s great love for her.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube


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