A 2-year-old Husky and Shepherd mix came face to face with a rabid raccoon, and a fight broke out between them in Polk County, Florida.

Christine Brown, the dog’s owner, said that she lives in the country, and there were always a lot of wild animals around there, but the incident was still scary to her. Christine said that she had never dealt with such kind of a situation before in her life.

Christine and her husband woke up because their dog named Baby Girl was barking outside. When the couple went outside, they found a raccoon in the dog house. The pooch brought the raccoon out of the dog house and was going to kill it, but Christine’s husband got the dog away and killed the raccoon himself.

The carcass of the raccoon was taken to Tampa’s state laboratory, where it came out positive for rabies.

Baby Girl was immediately vaccinated, and the pooch is under a 45 days quarantine.

The first case of rabies in 2020 in Polk County has resulted in putting parts of the area under rabies alert for two months. An epidemiologist Dr. Liza Kublalsingh said that when an increased number of cases of rabies are reported in a particular area in a short time, then the alert time for that area is extended.

After noticing a spike in rabies in Polk County, authorities want the residents to have increased awareness of wild animals that could be potentially rabid.

For the protection of the livestock and pets from rabies, it is advised that the owners should stay up to date on the vaccinations of their animals. If any animal gets rabies, then, unfortunately, there is no cure, and the animal will have to be put down.

It is also recommended to strictly follow leash laws so that the animals are not let loose to wander.

Image source: WFLA

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