In the cruel and sad world that we live in today, a small act of kindness can go a long way. And that was exactly what this cute two-year-old taught many people when she picked an old and sickly-looking pit bull in the shelter when everyone else just passed by her.

G first met the nameless pit bull, hiding in the back of her kennel. Audra, G’s mom, noted how the dog smelled like mange, a type of skin disease which was caused by parasitic mites. Aside from that, there was also snot running through her nose. But none of that seemed to bother G.

G wanted to meet that dog pointing to her mommy. Out of the many dogs in the shelter, she chose the sick pitbull. Audra remembered her daughter asking her to let the doggy out because she was sick and she needed help.

She let the dog out of the kennel and G took her leash. The dog was afraid and panicked that she refused to walk but G was very patient with her. She let the dog take her time to feel at ease to walk with her. Then they played together just like two kids who met and clicked.

The pit bull followed her everywhere like a clingy best friend. Wherever G was, she followed her and stayed by her side. G wiped her nose and the goop around her eyes and gave her hugs, kisses, and even belly rubs. She didn’t mind that she was dirty because she was a friend.

When the dog was placed back in her kennel, she shook uncontrollably. And G just kept saying to let the doggy out and that she needed help. At the end of the day, she won and the sick dog got to go home with them.

Scarlett, the once nameless and sick pit bull, now had a home to call her own and a human as a sister. She kept on getting better everyday and she was the same, old dog who loved to cling to G and play with her.

Source: YouTube via The Dodo


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