These days, more and more homeowners are equipping their houses with security cameras. Under normal circumstances, home security systems are used to record potential thieves and alert homeowners of anyone trying to break into their homes. However, a couple named Sydney and Matt discovered that the security camera they installed in their home served another purpose.

Late one evening, Sydney and Matt was alerted by their security system that something was moving near their garage door. Concerned that it could be a burglar, Sydney and Matt quickly checked the footage from their security camera. Instead of finding a person trespassing on their property, Sydney and Matt saw that it was actually a dog.

Sydney and Matt decided to do something about it since they didn’t really want to leave the dog wandering the streets at night. However, when the couple went outside to let the dog into their yard, the dog was startled and quickly ran away. Thankfully, the dog kept returning every night to look for food in their garbage can.

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Since the dog was skittish and refused anyone to come near him, Sydney and Matt figured that they could at least provide some food and water for the dog every night. However, they both knew that this was a temporary solution and they need to catch the dog sooner or later.

After a few nights, Matt decided that it was time to try and catch the dog again. Matt stayed all night outside to wait for the dog. The dog did show up but as soon as he saw Matt, it darted away. Rather than giving up, Matt followed the dog to see where it went.

Matt discovered that the dog went through a dense bush on the side of a road. It crawled into a hollow space, which Matt assumed was the dog’s home. The couple got even more concerned since they knew that a storm was coming. They couldn’t let the dog continue living out in the street, which could endanger the dog’s life.

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The couple’s persistence to catch the dog paid off when the dog finally became comfortable seeing Matt in the garage. After two weeks of waiting, the dog finally came over to Matt and allowed Matt to pet him. Sydney and Matt were finally able to let the dog into their backyard.

Sydney and Matt named the dog Bishop and they saw that he’s very friendly and loves to play. Sydney and Matt knew that it was going to be easy to find someone to adopt Bishop. Sydney and Matt’s neighbor, Courtney, offered to adopt Bishop. When Courtney and Bishop met, they instantly became friends and Bishop officially became a part of Courtney’s family. Here’s a video telling the story of Bishop and how he got rescued by a persistent couple.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

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