It’s easy to assume that we only learn our lessons from older people. They have the experiences that make them wiser, and it’s important that we listen to the advice that they give for our own benefit. However, it doesn’t mean that the elderly have a monopoly in giving advice. We can learn our lessons from young people, too, especially kids.

Kids may not have the experience to tell us what are the best decisions to make, but they have something that we used to have inside of us, and that is compassion. We used to want to become doctors, police officer, or firefighters because we want to help people. Now that we’re older, plans have changed, and it’s all about making money.

One boy who we could learn a thing or two from is this four-year-old hero from Charleston, North Carolina. His name is Jaxton Betschart, and his story became popular around the world when it was shared online. Jaxton loves dogs and would do anything to have one of his own.

Unfortunately, he and his mom, Elyse, were living in a military-funded housing, and one of the rules of living there is that there are no pets allowed. However, Jaxton loved dogs so much that this didn’t stop him from helping them. His birthday was coming up, and he thought of a special way to spend the money he received for his gifts.

Most kids of his age would easily choose to spend money on buying toys, candies, and videogames, but not Jaxton. Instead of spending money on himself, he thought of saving some shelter dogs so that they could find a forever home. This decision brought her mom Elyse to tears, and her mom couldn’t be any more proud.

She brought Jaxton to Charleston Animal Society, and he picked two pit bulls namely, Tank and Penelope. The money he donated will pay for their adoption fees so potential dog parents will be more inclined to take them out of the shelter and into loving homes. Jaxton did this when he was four, imagine what he would do once grows up.

Credits: Slideshow of Animals


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