Rescuers from Northeast Animal Rescue were roaming around the city. They do this often as a routine inspection. They make sure that the city has less stray dogs than it currently has.

During one of their routine inspections, they found one homeless dog. It was very wary of them and immediately ran away when it saw them approach. The rescuers were not going to give up that easily, so they tried to follow him to see where he lives.

That’s how the team found out that the dog was not living alone. It was living with another dog.

When the two canines saw the rescuers approach, they started to be defensive. They began to growl at the rescuers. The rescuers thought it would be good to return the next day. That should give the dogs more than enough time to calm down.

The team went back the very next day prepared with treats. When they got to where the dogs were, the dogs were not as defensive as they were the day before. They have already seen the faces of the rescuers, so they already had a sense of familiarity.

They did not bark, or a grow but was still apprehensive in getting the treats from one of the rescuers. The rescuer’s name was Fiona. Fiona continued giving them treats even when they were very unsure of her.

When they finally took their guard down, Fiona was able to feed them more treats. The rescuers checked the two dogs, and they saw that they were two healthy adult dogs.

The rescuers were confident to leave the two dogs alone that day. Unfortunately, the shelter did not have space for the two canines.

They would have to save space for dogs who are very young and who are really in need of their help. These strong and independent dogs would have to depend on each other as they’ve always done.

Source Northeast Animal Rescue, China via YouTube


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